Training and Community Education

Building the Leadership of PLHIV:

The Caucus partners with Positive Women’s Network - USA and AIDS United on the People Organizing Positively (POP) initiative (funded by Gilead Sciences) to support organizations that embrace the principles of meaningful involvement of PLHIV (MIPA.) We collaborate on the annual request for proposals, participate in review and selection of grantees, and co-manage technical assistance, including direct coaching by and for PLHIV.

Webinars and Workshops:

Through in-person, online and hybrid workshops and events, the Caucus provides essential information and dialogue by and for PLHIV. The HIV Caucus is a partner in the annual US Conference on HIV/AIDS (USCHA), where we chaired the Policy Track.

Health Department Capacity Building:

The Caucus was a partner, along with PWN-USA, with AIDS United in creating a CDC-distributed training module for seven midwest jurisdictions for End the Epidemic efforts, increasing the capacity of health departments to engage PLHIV. 


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