About Us

The United States People Living with HIV Caucus (also known as the HIV Caucus), was formed in 2010 as a national voice for people living with HIV (PLHIV). Our members are PLHIV-led groups, organizations and networks, as well as individual advocates living with HIV.


The Caucus works to abolish systems of
oppression, centering the experiences of People Living with HIV to foster our collective health and well-being.

Our Work

The HIV Caucus advocates for human rights and dignity for people living with HIV. We provide leadership development and technical assistance to people living with HIV & HIV service organizations. The HIV Caucus co-organizes AIDSWatch, the annual HIV advocacy event that brings together hundreds of PLHIV and allies from around the country to engage with Congress and federal agencies.

We are a coalition, anchored by six national networks
of PLHIV in the U.S.

More Leadership

Why join the Caucus?

Networking and discussion

You're not just focused on your revenue and margins. You care about the impact your work has.

Input on Priorities and Programs

Social media channels, Email discussion lists and Member networking sessions at HIV community events.

Information and Resources

Virtual annual meeting/briefing on the “state of the movement”, Quarterly newsletter and Skill-building seminars/events among other things.

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