• The 1983 Denver Principles advise us that people living with HIV/AIDS must “[f]orm caucuses to choose their own representatives, to deal with the media, to choose their own agenda and to plan their own strategies.”

  • We establish this Caucus to live out that vital directive.

    The United States People Living with HIV (PLHIV) Caucus (or the HIV Caucus) is a group of organizations, coalitions, networks, client groups and individuals with HIV who advocate for people with HIV (PLHIV) in the U.S. Formed in January 2011, the HIV Caucus includes diverse and accountable representation by people living with HIV from throughout the United States.


    Trump Admin Abruptly Ends HIV Council
    Rachel Maddow speaks with Gabriel Maldonado,
    former member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS about the surprise firing of the entire council by the President.
    For folks who missed it, the segment and interview are here:
    Trump admin abruptly ends AIDS council

    The HIV Caucus condemns tax plans proposed by the House and the Senate

    The United States People living with HIV Caucus (HIV Caucus) condemns tax plans proposed by both the House and the Senate, recognizing both plans as the latest assault on affordable health care. Particularly aging communities, and long-term survivors of HIV and those with low income. The House recently passed a tax reform plan, November 16th, eliminating the medical expense deduction for those who spend at least 10% of their gross annual income on (out of pocket) medical expenses. The House plan would also cut $25 billion from Medicare in 2018 and an additional $5.8 trillion over the next ten years, as well as cuts to Medicaid and social security. The senate’s proposed plan (expected to be voted on November 30th) is likely to harm those with pre-existing conditions by removing penalties for the federal requirement that all U.S. Citizens purchase health insurance coverage under the ACA. This federal requirement of the ACA is attributed to the price stability of insurance rates for those with low income and also allows for those with pre-existing conditions to purchase insurance coverage at a reasonable rate.
    Such an assault on American lives will not be tolerated, as the HIV community continues to lead efforts to protect affordable health care. Earlier this year coalitions of people living with HIV and allies took to the capital in defense of the ACA, protecting the health care of the more than 20 million Americans who have gained health insurance since 2010.
    December 1st we observe World AIDS Day, continuing a legacy of activism and advocacy in honor of those lost to HIV/AIDS, but we can’t wait till December 1st. November 28th is a National HIV Call In Day. Can we count on you to make some calls, and get everyone you know to make some calls too? Find resources on organizing a phone bank here. For additional information on the health implications of House and Senate “Tax Reform” bills, see PWN-USA’s new resource page: the HIV Tax Bill Resource Center

  • What Do We Need to Do?

    Contact your members of Congress, we want to make sure they know how damaging this tax bill is, that it will devastate our communities, and that we oppose it! Will you join us to show a strong force of opposition from the HIV community to the #TrumpTaxScam?
    Call 202-335-5529 to speak to your Senator and tell them to vote NO on the #TrumpTaxScam!
    You can say: “Hello, my name is ____ and I live in [city, zip]. I’m a person [living with/concerned about] HIV. The tax bill would repeal the individual mandate and increase pressure to gut safety net programs like Ryan White and Medicaid in future budgets. I demand that you VOTE NO on the tax bill!”

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