Coalitions and Alliances

HIV criminalization and surveillance:

Since 2019, we’ve worked with networks and groups, including PWN-USA and the Legacy Project, to provide community education and raise important deliberations on HIV criminalization and molecular HIV surveillance (MHS). In 2020, the Caucus, Counter Narrative Project (CNP), PWN-USA, Sero Project, and Transgender Law Center (TLC) launched the Health Not Prisons Collective with funding from Gilead Sciences, focused on HIV decriminalization.

The Caucus’ role includes strengthening PLHIV advocacy, providing in-person and online community education sessions and supporting PLHIV in educating elected officials at the state level.


Molecular HIV Surveillance: A Global Review of Human Rights Implications

Molecular HIV surveillance (MHS) is an umbrella term that describes a wide range of practices focused on the monitoring of HIV variants and the differences and similarities between them for scientific research, public health surveillance and intervention.