Join us in creating a Unified Voice for PLHIV in the U.S.

The HIV Caucus practices principles of self-empowerment and self-determination, as embodied in the Denver Principles and MIPA principles (Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS).

There are Three ways
to Join the Caucus

With that in mind, only individuals living with HIV or organizations led by people living with HIV can become MEMBERS. All others not living with HIV who join and would like to join the Caucus are considered SUPPORTERS.

Institutions/orgs led by people living with HIV are eligible for Organizational Membership.
Join the Caucus
Already a member of a group that is an org member of the Caucus? We invite you to also join the Caucus directly.
Join the Caucus
Other individuals who are not living with HIV (and organizations not led by PLHIV).
Join as Supporter

What makes me Eligible?


Individual advocates are eligible for Individual Membership. Even if you are already a member of a network or group that is an organizational member of the Caucus, we invite you to also join the Caucus directly as an individual.


Institutions (organizations, coalitions, networks or client groups of people living with HIV) led by people living with HIV are eligible for Organizational Membership.

People NOT living with HIV*

People(s) not living with HIV may join the Caucus as "Supporters" of our cause and mission.*

Member Benefits & Services

Networking and discussion

Social media channels, Email discussion lists and Member networking sessions at HIV community events.

Input on Priorities and Programs

Member consultation in priority-setting processes and opportunities to participate in program & working committees.

Information and Resources

Virtual annual meeting/briefing on the “state of the movement”, Quarterly newsletter and Skill-building seminars/events among other things.