• For 2013/2014, the U.S. PLHIV Caucus will focus on facilitating meaningful involvement of PLHIV in all aspects of the HIV epidemic, specifically targeting the following:

    1. National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS): Provide leadership and consultation to federal, state, and local governments and AIDS-service and HIV advocacy organizations regarding national implementation efforts.

    2. Program and Policy Participation: Provide leadership and consultation to inform the decisions, design, development, processes and operational framework of key national and local decision-making and advisory bodies on HIV programs, policies and services.

    3. 2014 International AIDS Conference: Serve as a lead organizing body for U.S. efforts to assist and support LIVING 2014 by coordinating with GNP+/NA and the CCC of the IAS, having a unified voice in pre-conference planning, specifically for conference attendees living with HIV; and serving as representatives of the US attending IAS.